ISOTEL, Isotropic Telecommunications GmbH


We are a software company working on a new and secure protocol, bringing a new way of communication and unlimited connectivity between devices. We take care of network security and certification of the protocol embedded in mobiles, routers, and IoT. Our technology offers a state-of-the-art mobile infrastructure. Operates nationwide featured by unlimited decentralized connectivity all around the world and high-availability.


Uros Platise

Dreja Novak



3 Fragen an die Gründer

Wie kam es zur Idee für das eigene Unternehmen?
When I started to work with sensors and sensor neworks, I’ve realized that all well known protocols end up in a centralized topology and that cannot scale and form large networks. Most of research comes from low power sensor networks, however my vision is to bring the concepts of decentralized communication into the hand of every man, to create the fastest network in the world.
Welche Eigenschaften sollte man als GründerIn mitbringen?
Must be extremely confident in what he is doing with a clear vision and goal. Has to have a good project mangement skills to create, understand and drive the team with his power and persistancy. Must keep his mind calm to resolve all the troubles that come on the way.
Was macht an der Arbeit als Selbständige/r am meisten Spaß?
It is my great pleasure to create a powerful and satisfied team with whom I can challange the world and deliver products that are going to change the way of people lives.


Lakeside B01
9020 Klagenfurt

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