Safely take your child diving! Snorkel-D is a new company with a core passion to expand the adult diving sport & engage the entire family in underwater exploration. Specifically focused on certified SCUBA divers with kids, we develop, manufacture, and market innovative products that make the underwater world an easy to learn, safe, and engaging experience for the whole family to enjoy together.


Tiemen van Dillen, MSc. (Founder): Electrical & mechanical engineer by training, with 17 yrs. experience in product development, innovation, and business strategy for large global consumer companies like Whirlpool & Philips. After various assignments in Germany, Italy, Austria, and USA, we have chosen Carinthia as the place to settle with our family.



Lakeside B01
9020 Klagenfurt

 3 Fragen an den Gründer

Wie kam es zur Idee für das eigene Unternehmen?
I have always been very passionate about diving, but with my own young kids, I had a lot of concerns how best to engage them. I had the idea for the solution already a long time, but it wasn’t until I started hanging around and talking with other entrepreneurs & divers that I found the paths to make the solution into a product.
Was macht an der Arbeit als Selbständiger am meisten Spaß?
The freedom to take your own ideas and develop them; The excitement afterwards, seeing how far your ideas have come along; And, the many positive, open-minded people you meet along the way.
Was würdest du zukünftigen GründerInnen raten?
Figure out what you want to do, then surround yourself with others that want the same, or already doing it. The Build! network is a great place to start!



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