Neptun Data Processing GmbH

AI-based web application


Neptun’s product Headline Hunter is an innovative web application that enables B2B clients to find and monitor current online information in more than 50 languages. Drawing on years of research in the AI field of natural language processing, the result is a new type of technology that searches for current information in automatically selected online sources from all around the world.


The HeadlineHunter makes it possible for decisionmakers to observe the cyber world and to understand it better thanks to intelligent data analyses. The founders are Günther Fliedl, a professor of natural language processing for many years and IT PhD student Markus Schaffer. Together with their team, they are working on segmenting their market and developing a scalable business model.

Product / Service

HeadlineHunter – AI-based web application


Günther Fliedl | CEO
Markus Schaffer | CTO | COO
Thomas Blaschke | Co-Founder
Igor Harden | Software-Entwickler
Vanessa Raffeiner | BD & Sales
Camila Canizares | International BD & Sales