Sharing ecosystem for the best children’s books


Swircle makes it possible to access real books in different languages just as easily as digital versions. The team wants to encourage children to spend less time in front of screens and more time reading books, by making books hyper-available.

Swircle uses an intelligent algorithm to deliver up to 20 suitable books per month for the price of one single book. Members take books that they like and pass on the books they don’t need any more.

The box is then sent onwards in the community to the next family that matches that kind of book. If there is no other family that the books are suitable for, the boxes are sent back to the headquarters, where they receive regular maintenance.

In future, the e-sharing ecosystem could be used not just for books but for sharing all kinds of items.

Product / Service

Sharing ecosystem for the best children’s books


Nancy Wang | CEO & Founder