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Our mission as a startup centre is to support your entrepreneurs in the process of setting up their own businesses.

As an incubator, we are a centre of competence, especially for the following kinds of projects:

Technology-oriented, knowledge-based and scalable projects with a focus on IoT business innovations
Scale-up projects of young businesses (within the first five years of their existence – our Young Entrepreneurs Group)
Project development of regionally relevant fields of opportunity with high potential for technology-oriented and knowledge-based startups, with the goal of value creation in the region
build! – the centre for innovative, technology-oriented and scalable startups.

Step by step to a business of your own

Get informed
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Get informed

You’ve got an innovative idea and you want to turn it into a business? That’s great! Come to the build! startup centre and we’ll help you scope out your options.

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Your business idea is innovative and technology-oriented? You’re sure there are customers just waiting for your product or service, and you want to base your business in Carinthia?
Then you’ve come to the right place. Come for a first meeting with one of our consultants – let’s get to know each other and begin to sketch out the path to realizing your idea.
Get prepared
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Get prepared
So at first sight, your idea ticks all the boxes. What next? We are at the ready to consult with you on practical tasks & goals.

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The preparation phase is about making your business idea more concrete. In our build! coaching session (4 hours) we will define a roadmap together. Together we’ll set goals that ensure you can work effectively towards starting your business in Carinthia.

Tip: Use the UiG grant programme of the Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund (KWF)

This programme aims to support the development of a business idea into a full business plan and subsequently the launch of market-ready products and services, or also a focused preparation process for setting up a new company.

Make a plan
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Make a plan

After the entry phase it’s time for full gas. Our build! UP programme (part of the UiG programme) supports you on the way to your startup.

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Pitch us a convincing idea and win a place in one of our build! programmes. To make sure innovative ideas get put into practice, we offer ambitious entrepreneurs a number of different ways to work intensively on their own business idea.
Found a company
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Found a company

To start a company, you need a detailed business plan. We will guide you through the preparations for founding your company.

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Your product is ready to go and your business plan is finalized? Then you can come and pitch your idea to our advisory board and join one of our grant programmes.
Take off
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Take off

You already have your first customers? Now its time to take your startup to the next level and use our premium programme to really get off the ground.

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The build! Premium Package is a unique combination of build! services that will help your business get up to cruising altitude. Persuade the advisory board of your growth potential and drive your project forwards.

build! Gründerzentrum

build! helps entrepreneurs make their business ideas become reality by providing professional and trustworthy consulting. We offer an encouraging environment among people who are good at getting things done. Our process puts the needs of people starting out in business at the centre and enables dynamic growth.

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We give realistic and honest feedback so that you are well prepared for challenges ahead, and for a variety of reactions to your ideas and products.


Our entrepreneur coaches know what it takes to set up a new business, and they are there for you throughout your journey.


We introduce you to a wide network of mentors, investors and other entrepreneurs so that you can benefit from many different inputs into your development.


In our mentoring programme we put you in contact with a variety of potential mentors from different fields of business, so that you can find someone who is best suited to your specific needs and interests.

Financial support

As you demonstrate your entrepreneurial abilities, you can access a range of financial supports through us.


In our build! academy you can pick up a lot of practical business tips from our invited speakers, who are all experienced experts.

Digital services

In the build! business incubator we provide a range of digital services you can use to present yourself and your project in a professional, up-to-date way.

Co-working & office

Co-working spaces or an office of your own provode a place where you can develop your ideas.

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